Resolutions of the
Choctawhatchee Coastal Conservancy


WHEREAS, the Choctawhatchee Coastal Conservancy is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit community-based organization representing world-wide group of conservationists, scientists and concerned individuals.

WHEREAS, the focus of the CCC is preserving the natural resources and healthy ecosystems of coastal areas and waters locally in the Choctawhatchee River Basin as well as world wide.

WHEREAS, the CCC believes that clean beaches and a healthy marine environment are essential to the quality of living for all inhabitants of the earth.

WHEREAS, the CCC is aware that increasing energy costs result in a need to seek alternative energy sources which must not, however, endanger our environment and fragile marine ecosystems.

WHEREAS, coastal regions have the greatest potential for environmental damage and, despite technological advances, offshore drilling resulting in even a small oil spill could result in significant damage to sensitive coastlines, estuaries, wetlands, beaches, and marine plant and animal life.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the CCC supports the policy of not allowing expansion of oil or gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and strongly opposes approval of any expansion of off-shore drilling including within Florida State waters, United States and its territorial waters, any International Waters as well as waters falling in the juristiction of foreign states.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the CCC supports the policy of encouraging and assisting in the rapid development and implementation of renewable alternative sources of energy such as solar energy and geothermal energy as well as algae derived bio-fuels, foods and products.

Resolution Adopting the Land Trust Standards and Practices by the Land Trust Alliance (v. 2004)

WHEREAS, the Choctawhatchee Coastal Conservancy has reviewed Land Trust Standards and Practices published by the Land Trust Alliance in 2004; and,

WHEREAS, the Choctawhatchee Coastal Conservancy agrees that Land Trust Standards and Practices are the ethical and technical guidelines for the responsible operation of a land trust;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of Directors of the Choctawhatchee Coastal Conservancy, hereby adopts Land Trust Standards and Practices as guidelines for the organization�s operations and commits to making continual progress toward implementation of these standards and practices. --- Passed 01 May 2005

Resolution Supporting the Endangered Species Act

WHEREAS, The Choctawhatchee Coastal Conservancy, recognizes that a healthy environment is an integral part of Northwest Florida�s economy, society and culture; and,

WHEREAS, The Okaloosa-Walton County region is home to numerous species threatened or endanger of extinction, including the federally listed as endangered Choctawhatchee Beach Mouse, Atlantic Green Turtle, Atlantic Ridley Turtle, Blackmouth Shiner, Okaloosa Darter, Gulf Sturgeon, Red Cockaded Woodpecker and numerous other local threatened and endangered species,

WHEREAS, The United States has a long and proud tradition of respect for the Earth�s wildlife and natural resources; and,

WHEREAS, We have a responsibility to our children and future generations to be good stewards of our environment and to leave behind a legacy of protecting endangered species and the special places they call home; and,

WHEREAS, The strength and vitality of the human environment is inextricably linked with the health of all species and the places they live; and,

WHEREAS, Species extinction and habitat destruction are a serious threat to our own welfare, as nature is the source for most of our commonly-prescribed medicines and the loss of species could mean the loss of life-saving drugs; and,

WHEREAS, Tourism, wildlife watching, bird watching, wildflower watching, hunting and fishing provide many economic benefits to the surrounding area; and,

WHEREAS, Recreational hiking, rafting, canoeing and outdoor recreation provide economic and health benefits to many citizens of the Choctawhatchee Basin; and,

WHEREAS, We have a responsibility to use the best available science to ensure we protect this legacy for future generations; and,

WHEREAS, For over 30 years, the Endangered Species Act has served as the nation's safety net for wildlife, saving hundreds of plants and animals from extinction, putting hundreds more on the path to recovery, and safeguarding the habitats on which they all depend; and,

WHEREAS, Several proposals to weaken protections for endangered species and natural habitats are currently pending before the United States Congress; now, therefore, be it,

RESOLVED, That it shall be the policy of the Choctawhatchee Coastal Conservancy to support upholding the Endangered Species Act so it may continue to protect our plants and animals and the special places they live, from the finality of extinction;

--- Passed 01 May 2005